Notes about programming

Setting Up GCP Instance for Deep Learning

This post is going to be very different from what I write here. The content is a memo how I create a GCP (Google Cloud Platform) instance for Deep Learning. While I study algorithm stuff, I also have been studying Deep Learning. In my early days, I tried to train my Deep Learning model only on a laptop. My laptop is 2012 model MacBook Pro, so I would say it is reasonably fast. However, when it comes to Deep Learning, the training was quite painful on the such machine. Often, I ran the training over night to get a disappointed result. Still, I didn’t use any of pricey cloud environment since it was my personal study unrelated to my day job. I wanted to save money.

Complete Binary Tree

Problems which ask a binary tree traverse, add/delete nodes, etc. are popular in algorithm questions. The binary trees are often just a binary tree or binary search tree. Sometimes, the problem pinpoints a particular type of a binary tree, for example, a balanced binary tree or complete binary tree.

Catalan number

What is Catalan number ? The Catalan number belongs to the domain of combinatorial mathematics. It is a sequence of natural numbers such that: 1, 1, 2, 5, 14, 42, 132, 429, 1430, 4862, 16796, 58786, 208012, 742900, 2674440, 9694845, 35357670, 129644790, 477638700, 1767263190, ... The sequence appears in counting problems. Wikipedia has the details about the sequence: Catalan Number.

Prime Check of a Big Number

“Given an integer n, find whether n is a prime number or not” – This is a typical algorithm question. If the given number is small, repeating a division from 2 to n gives the answer.

HackerRank Code Testing by Clojure

Recently, I decided to give Clojure a try. This post is about testing HackerRank problems on a local env.