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OAuth2 PKCE With Rails 7, React/Redux and esbuild

Logging in to a web site is what users do quite a lot. Suppose it is a blog site. Once a user completes a log-in process, the user is allowed to create a new post, update contents and delete a post. The blog site might have a feature to leave comments by logged in users.

Rails 7 React/Redux Development with esbuild

Rails 7 provides a couple of approaches to bundle a rich JavaScript application such as SPA. To create the JavaScript application, we should specify j|--javascript option with importmap (default), webpack, esbuild or rollup when rails new command gets run. Although webpack is still among the choices, it has been retired as describe in the The choice here is esbuild since it is friendly to JavaScript development, for example, starting from yarn create react-app .... The esbuild is gaining popularity and known to run very fast with its Go-lang implementation.

Make it Secure 3, CSRF for GraphQL on Rails

This is the third post about securing Rails GraphQL API app. The topic is CSRF protection for GraphQL API. CSRF is an acronym of Cross-Site Request Forgery, and one of well-known vulnerabilities and a type of session hijack.

Make it Secure 2, GraphQL by Rails and Devise

This is the second post about securing Rails GraphQL API app. Most of conceptual explanations are in the previous post, Make it Secure, GraphQL by Rails. This memo is focusing on how to add the authentication using Devise gem (

Make it Secure, GraphQL by Rails

These days, attacks on a web application becomes more and more common. Every web application should be protected to get rid of such attacks. Ruby on Rails provides ways to make it secure out of the box. Additionally, well-used gems in Rails world, such as Devise (, give us convenient ways to protect the Rails app.