Notes about programming


Well, how bad naive implementation of generating permutation? Permutation is a well-known problem in mathematics as well as programming. If a set of three characters, {A, B, C}, its permutation is:

Digital Root

What is digital root? Suppose you are given some digits, say 123456, the digital root will be calculated like this:

AngularJS on Hoplon

About a month ago, Alan Dipert and Micha Niskin gave a presentation at Triangle Clojure Users Meetup. Their topic was about Hoplon,, ClojureScript Framework. It was impressive one.

Let's try(:english) at Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012

Dear Sapporo RubyKaigi Attendees!! Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012 is just around the corner. It will open on September 14-16th, less than a month away. In this occasion, I’ll organize a meetup, which is an attempt to cut down a barrier between English speaking Rubyists and Japanese Rubyists. The name of the meetup is “try(:english)”