Number of Ways to Build Sturdy Brick Wall

Published: Oct 30, 2022

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Make it Secure 2, GraphQL by Rails and Devise

This is the second post about securing Rails GraphQL API app. Most of conceptual explanations are in the previous post, Make it Secure, GraphQL by Rails. This memo is focusing on how to add the authentication using Devise gem (

Make it Secure, GraphQL by Rails

These days, attacks on a web application becomes more and more common. Every web application should be protected to get rid of such attacks. Ruby on Rails provides ways to make it secure out of the box. Additionally, well-used gems in Rails world, such as Devise (, give us convenient ways to protect the Rails app.

Getting Started GraphQL Using Ruby on Rails

GraphQL is an API standard to provide resources on the server-side to various types of clients. GraphQL itself is a specification and doesn’t provide an implementation. For Ruby on Rails, GraphQL Ruby is the most popular library.